THIRD PLACE offers tailor-made franchise, license and marketing consultancy services to its international customers willing to expand over Asia.


Our Range of Services

We divide our approach to franchising into four parts:

Franchise Business Plan and Franchise Feasibility StudyFranchise development and strategic franchisingFranchisee recruitment and franchise recruitment processFranchise Management Services and Franchising Management

1. Franchise Assessment and Franchise Development Feasibility Study

♦ Quantify the potential and identify important drivers for your business
♦ Market potential assessment for the whole of Asia, or per country (China, Japan, Korea, etc.)
♦ Understand your brand fit with local consumers
♦ Learn from existing competitors
♦ Define positioning of your brand / concept
♦ Franchise system assessment

2. Franchise Set-Up and Franchise Development

♦ Preparation of franchise package (incl. adaptation of financial model and financing proposal)
♦ Preparation of franchise prospectus (incl. adaptation of sales material)
♦ Franchisee recruitment strategy
♦ Brand / concept development in the Chinese franchise industry
♦ Brand / concept promotion and advertisement within Asian franchise industry
♦ Franchisee recruitment criteria definition

3. Franchise Recruitment

♦ Promotion among existing potential partners
♦ Execution of recruitment strategy
♦ Identification and qualification of franchisees
♦ Liaise and negotiate deals with prospective franchisees
♦ Contract drafting

4. Franchise Network Management and Franchise Quality Control

A. Quality

♦ Relationship management between franchisor and franchisee
♦ Franchisee satisfaction survey
♦ Audit services: Assessment of franchisee performance
♦ Financing report – ROI by store (yearly/season)
♦ Promotion analysis
♦ Consumer research (mystery customers)

B. HR & Execution

♦ Site selection assistance
♦ Store standard follow up (decoration – checking – accept)
♦ Supply chain check & control
♦ Training (branding/technical/operational)
♦ Soft launch
♦ Adapted list of job descriptions
♦ Overview of hiring firms/potential employees

C. Marketing

♦ Annual MKT plan by city/region (before opening the store)
♦ Case study (data collection)
♦ Potential crisis management
♦ Online Ads (TV/ magazine/newspaper/events)