THIRD PLACE is a franchise consulting company, specialized in establishing franchised concepts in Asia, with a focus on China. We provide services ranging from franchise assessment, market research, setup of franchise system, franchise network development, franchisee selection and recruitment, to the management and execution of franchises for a range of global franchisors.

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A ‘third place’

At Third Place – Franchise Consulting, we certainly do not aim for the 3rd place of the podium… Our team of franchise experts only strives for excellence.

The name of Third Place is derived from modern sociology. Actually, Third Places have been described by sociologists over the years as places that stand out of the ordinary.

The first place refers to the home, the place where we live.

The second place is the office, which is the location where individuals spend most of their time these days.

Third places are places that stand out of the ordinary because they allow you to escape from the 2 primary places. And they can be anything: a restaurant, a special retail experience, or an attractive franchise concept.

We, at THIRD PLACE FRANCHISE CONSULTING, strongly believe that in today’s hectic cities the need for qualitative places to escape from our daily sorrows is higher than ever. In fact, these third places have become modern havens in our hectic lives.